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Thorn High 101
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A multifandom crack rp where your character is stuck in a school of heck. :3

IN THE PROCESS OF BEING REDONE, but people can currently app!


The school in front of you is fairly large, resembling a college campus by the amount of shops that were built around it. It was unfortunate, however, how the shops all seemed devoid of life; barren.

You find this only slightly strange, compared to the desertlike atmosphere around the campus was thriving with what looked like creatures resembling dinosaurs. At least there was a fence between them and you.

You glance up at the large school, thinking how strange it is that it seems so out of place, yet some part of you just seems to know that this is the only place it belongs. The feeling is wrong, yet you just can't place a finger on why it's wrong.

Upon stepping forward to enter the school, you feel something of medium weight in your pocket. Reaching in and taking it out, you find an envelope with an iron key inside, a number engraved into it in a bold manner.

The place just gets stranger and stranger.

To Thorn, you're just another statistic, another person that's been added to the mayhem of the place. It's a shoddy looking place from the outside, but on the inside it's a dream; a hot tub along with a pool, large spacious showers, vast rooms that are free for use so long as you have the right key number for the room, a laundry room, and a large cafeteria that's always full of food and drinks. Unfortunately, the fence is covered in thorns that prick you should you touch them, keeping you in while it keeps the residential 'Thornies', or dinosaur creatures, out. The appliances can also turn on you as well - they turn on each other often enough. Food can come alive, the phones are bananas, and Red Bull really does give you wings.
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