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11 April 2008 @ 11:44 pm
Before this community was restarted, we had a temporary roleplay session. Many areas were found, and they rock so much that I decided to keep them. Whether or not your character decides to find these places is up to you, but most likely they'll hear about them from word of mouth or from a random item that's left behind. More will be added from time to time.


Jusenkyo Pools
     If you're not familiar with this term, the Jusenkyo pools are basically a large area of various mini ponds, each holding a deadly curse. Each pool holds a story of how an animal/person drowned in that certain lake... and, well, if you fall in it, you become that which drowned. The only way to cure this is with hot water, but if you're caught in a cold rainstorm, you revert back. There is no permanent cure.

Crystal Caverns
     Truth can only be told here. Large crystals jetting out from the ground, each a dull red color that one could swear isn't from tainted water. This area is not what it seems.

The Cafeteria
     Things are exactly as they seem here. The Gingerbread men? They scream when eaten. Bananaphones? They're edible. And Red Bull? It really does give you wings.


     A dimension that is very much opposite of Thorn. You're hated here? They LOVE you there, though in a more sick and twisted way than you might imagine. Or maybe you can imagine it.

11 April 2008 @ 11:43 pm
Yes. That's right... things that are actually canon for Thorn High.

When your character is accepted to this wonderful establishment for education, they will recieve a laptop able to connect to the school's wireless internet (which is limited to the school's homepage), a key to their dorm room, a handgun for defense since the wildlife is a little... um, intrusive, a fresh change of clothes, and some typical snacks teenagers like.

While they all have access to the internet, there is no porn anywere on the internet except when the computer feels like embarrassing its owner. Yes, sometimes the computers have minds of their own, though it seems to be in random intervals.

There is no sex here. As a matter of fact, no matter what you try, it will not happen. This includes turning the two rule breakers funny colors, or even into inanimate objects for short periods of time. There are particular spots where there will be no consequences though - you, however, have to find them. (( *coughJOURNALcough* ))

No, you cannot leave. The school is in the middle of nowhere in Nevada USA with miles of either desert or thorn forests. Yes. A lovely view, really.

Yes, the 'school' has seemingly magical means to keep you here and keep you miserable.

The wildlife does not have to follow the previous rules. In fact, it's quite optional for them.

The wildlife enjoys invading your privacy in more ways than one.

While the school is in the desert, any area covered in the wonderful lush grass is always a pleasant 85˚F. And no, nobody knows how it works.

Everything has a side effect here, whether it be major or minor. The food has a side effect, the water has side effects, even the washer and dryer machines are possessed. Be creative, it's all about crack!
11 April 2008 @ 11:41 pm
No sex whatsoever? What the hell, man?! Not in the actual Thorn Community. It is, however, allowed in your journals. xD They ARE your journals.
Images? You can post images, but put them under the cut if they are large or non-worksafe. (( If anything is not worksafe, ALWAYS tag it as such. The post will be deleted otherwise. ))
What are pet journals? Pet journals aren't actual characters in Thorn. They are unimportant 'characters' that some characters have because they have a flunkie that follows them around, but for whatever reason they don't apply for student status. These journals cannot vote or participate like students can - like their name STATES, they are merely pets. The only acception are mod pet journals in which mods only let who they want access them. (This is currently under construction.)
11 April 2008 @ 11:37 pm
FOR RESERVING you MUST put both the name of the character and the series they're from.

FOR APPLYING you MUST put if this is your first/third/seventeenth character in the SUBJECT.

Failure to do either of these is an immediate denial.

Onto the app~! Press CTRL + C to copy and paste into a reply.

11 April 2008 @ 11:36 pm
Hey! This is for all of you who don't exactly know what all those acronyms mean as well as guide lines for how this roleplaying will work. Also an explanation of the kind of characters we're looking for in applications.

OOC; Out Of Character. Something in brackets is OOC. There is a journal for this community that is purely OOC - thornhigh_ooc.
IC; In Character. You. Playing the Character. What more did you expect?
striked out text- this is usually OOC but its something your character would never say but its funny anyways especially if you can start a conversation with just strike out text.
*; Used to indicate an action, if you aren't using prose.
Prose; Roleplaying in paragraph style. Kind of like what you read in a book.
Locked to (Name Here); This means only those certain people can respond to a thread or a certain comment. In other words, this is how you keep a secret from another character if you just want to tell it to one person without others walking in. This also works if you want to have a more private converation.

As for characters, you're basically doing IC in an OOC situation. You're roleplaying a character with traits that can be taken to the extreme (and beyond, if you so wish). Another way that sometimes works is OOC in an OOC situation, but only if the character is mostly IC with one or two traits blown out of proportion. However, remember that an extremely IC character can be just as funny as an OOC one, as canons do clash and create humorous results.

Questions? Feel free to ask anything.
05 June 2007 @ 08:12 pm
Thorn was hungry again.

This much, at least, was evident. Newcomers didn't tend to appear, otherwise. This one fell - who knows from where, the moon perhaps? - and landed hard in one of the sparse trees overlooking the schoolyard. For a moment, only some aggravated rustling and muttering could be heard.

"Th' hell... fucking tree! Ow, fuck dammit!"



"Ohshi-" WHAM. That would be one crumpled, purple-clad figure on the ground, long scarf piling slowly down on top of him along with a good number of leaves and a few twigs. He didn't move, aside from a bit of twitching, for a good long moment - long enough for a hat to flutter down as well, landing conveniently and a bit lopsidedly on top of a grey feline ear.
05 June 2007 @ 12:32 am
"... here's the deal." Mandy spoke softly, a long scythe carried over her shoulder as she walked languidly down the halls, blonde hair loose and hanging down, though free from her face. She reached up to tuck a lock behind her ear, disregarding the figure behind her completely... though it was the only thing she was talking to, it seemed.

"You and I are the only ones who know of this place. Know the ins and outs, the ups and downs... as well as everything that can possibly happen here. There's only one other that could possibly find out, but he has someone who's on his tail... someone who constantly bothers him so he can't think for long periods of time. That would prove to be the best for us..." Mandy tilted her head, frowning and stopping as the scythe slid into her hand, her form twitching just slightly as the blade ran straight through the shadow, ripping it in half.

"... correction. ME. Though it's always been about me, hasn't it...? Ever since Grim passed away... funny thing, that." Mandy sighed as the scythe rested on her shoulder, her legs stepping forward to continue her meaningless path. "So little time... so much to do. But nowhere to do it... hmm. I wonder if Thorn ate all the former students...? I wouldn't be surprised, after the washer and dryer incident..."
21 November 2006 @ 03:32 am
"... whoah, I certainly wasn't expecting to be in a place like this." Joe glanced around as he stopped abruptly, seeming to come out of nowhere. "Maybe I shouldn't have used that mach speed, dude..." His shoulders slumped as he saw the desolate area and the thorns, shivering.

"Well, no one can blame me for a pit stop..." His stomach growled. "Especially when I'm this hungry! Cheeseburger, pleeease~!"
09 June 2006 @ 11:19 pm
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